Double System Computerized Flat Knitting Machine with Comb

We are offering a vast range of Double System Computerized Flat Knitting Machine With Comb. This series is single carriage double system startup comb computerized at knitting machine. It applies digital technology to achieve transfer, tuck, eyelet stitch, jacquard, apparent shape, hidden shape and other regular pattern knitting functions. It can knit basic stitch like plain stitch, rib fabric, links and links, interlock stitch, etc. irregular multi-color jacquard, twin towers weft organization, aran, cord weave, racked stitch, cable, intarsia, etc. It is suitable to use synthetic, wool, acrylic, mixed berry, yarn material etc to knit ready-made cardigan, hat, gloves, scarf and accessories of cloth.

Special scissors and clips cooperate with stable comb system can help for continuous knitting; it complete complex knitting, reduce yam waste and improve production efficiency.